Salvage Masters: Raising Maud
Great Underground War
In the Shadow of Volcanoes: Etna
Venice: The Whole Story
Vikings: Eastern Promise (Russia)
Salvage Masters: World Trade Center Ship (NYC)
Red Zone: Amatrice Earthquake

We are a UK-based documentary film production company with editorial operations in northern Italy. Our award-winning content is broadcast and distributed worldwide. Our international team specialises in fast turnaround documentaries on history, culture, current affairs, crime and big engineering for the global marketplace. 

Our goal is beautiful, accurate and gripping storytelling.   

On set: The Monsters of Florence
Costa Concordia (Giglio, Italy)
Relic Wine Hunters: Greece
The Vikings
Under the Shadow of Volcanoes: Etna, Land of Lava
Lethal Cargo: The Trafficking of Migrants