• April 25, 2021  We are in production on a super exciting new project! Check out our trailer: Bella Ciao, Song of Rebellion  
  • March 31, 2021 Triangolo della Morte - I Mostri di Firenze. Our documentary The Monsters of Florence aired on Atlantide La7 - 3 % of share with 5% peaks and 610,000 viewers reached! 
  • November 9, 2020  On the 12th anniversary of the death of the famed South African singer songwriter at a concert in Italy, the MIriam Makeba Foundation, Millstream Films and Oscar-award winner Pietro Scalia (Black Hawk Down, JFK) are pleased to announce an agreement on the making of a feature-length documentary about the life and legacy of MIRIAM MAKEBA. ​

  • ​August 2, 2020  21:05  Italian Premiere of THE MONSTERS OF FLORENCE on A + E  Networks Crime and Investigation Channel (Sky Canale 119)​​  Our biggest budget documentary film to date, The Monsters of Florence (Italian version), is ready for broadcast and set to premiere in 2020 on Crime and Investigation Channel, with a later fall airing on Italy's top news channel La7.  Executive Produced by Paul Russell and directed by Andrea Vogt, the 90'-minute international version has been picked up for worldwide distribution by Espresso Media International

  • 2019 Cannes News!  

Millstream Films & Media are delighted to announce that the company has won an Emilia Romagna Film Commission funding package to produce a brand new documentary on one of Italy's most mysterious true crime cases. The announcement was made May 19 in Cannes, France. Click here to read.
 Under the title "The Monsters of Florence" the 90 minute show examines the latest developments in the horrific series of crimes that terrified Florentines in the late 1970s and early 1980s. However the full extent of the gang of murderers has never been revealed.  Distributed by Espresso Media International. 


  • 2017 Millstream Films on Amazon!​​ 

 Our in-depth documentary "The Amanda Knox Saga" about the Meredith Kercher murder case in Perugia, Italy has been picked up and is now available on Amazon Prime Video. This program, originally broadcast on BBC3 in 2014 was fully updated and is now available on SVOD in the United States and India! Previously, the documentary aired in Australia, Italy, Germany, Austria, Finland, Belgium and the UK.   Our programs  Colosseum: The Whole Story and Venice: The Whole Story  are also now on Amazon Prime Video!

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Thank you Realscreen and Broadcast for the shout outs!

  • 2017 - Lethal Cargo investigative series now in 5 countries!

 Our hard-hitting investigative documentary series,  "Lethal Cargo" about illegal trafficking in the Mediterranean has sold into Germany, Turkey, Slovakia, Poland and Portugal!  Welcome visibility for this groundbreaking Millstream Films / Autentic co-production.


  • ​​​​2016  -  Millstream Films on the BBC!  The interview we filmed outing  an Italian man who faked a US presidential candidacy was used on BBC News. Then it went viral! Check out the instagram spot and BBC World pieces below:


            Click to watch the #BBCShort on Instagram!

  • 2016 - Our short film about fake US presidential candidate Alex Anderson was featured on TGCOM 24 as well as Panorama TV  in Italy!
  • 2016 - We have never had so many documentaries airing at once! Three Millstream Films original series - The Great Underground War, Salvage Masters and Heavy Lift - will be airing in Italy on Focus (Discovery) in February.  In Germany, Venice: The Whole Story is showing on Spiegel TV Wissen, while our documentary Colosseum: The Whole Story" is available via Curiosity Stream
  • 2016 - Season II of our popular Salvage Masters series began airing January 8, 22:50 on Focus TV as Mega Naufragi (Discovery Italy) Tune in every Friday night on channel 56 DT  Click here to watch  the rebroadcast of all episodes  in streaming!
  • 2015 - Lethal Cargo documentary about migrants and Mediterranean trafficking gets a shout out in Realscreen!
  • November 23, 2015 - Millstream Films migrant crisis documentary "Lethal Cargo" to premiere in Germany.
  • 2015 - Our 2015 production cycle is complete, with Millstream Films documentaries airing on Discovery, Foxtel, Viasat, Der Spiegel TV and CuriosityStream!
  • 2014- Millstream Films launched in Cannes, France.
  • 2014 - The Hollywood Reporter   on "Is Amanda Knox Guilty?" documentary that premiered on BBC3.
  • 2014 - Grazia Magazine Q & A on the making of "Is Amanda Knox Guilty?"
  • 2014  ANSA Italian News Agency on the Italy premiere "Amanda Knox: Colpevole o Innocente?"
  • 2014 Newsweek Poland on filming/interviews across Poland  for "Eastern Promise" episode of The Vikings
    2013 - Discovery Channel International premiers Costa Concordia: The Whole Story

News & Accolades


    Production Diary

  • BEIRUT, LEBANON February 2021 filming a documentary about the explosion in the port of Beirut
  • June - September 2020 filming  Season II of our disaster series What Went Wrong; Countdown to Catastrophe.
  • GENOA, ITALY Spring and Summer 2020 filming of the construction and inauguration of the city's new Genoa San Giorgio bridge, under the architectural direction of Renzo Piano
  • VENICE, ITALY Winter 2019 filming record floods for "Death of Venice"  
  • TUSCANY Fall 2019 Triangle of Death: The Monsters of Florence
  • ESCHEDE, GERMANY / TOULOUSE; FRANCE / GENOA, ITALY / LONDON, UK / UTAH, USA  Spring 2019 for filming our new disaster series What Went Wrong; Countdown to Catastrophe
  • UKRAINE, VENICE, THE NETHERLANDS, FRANCE, Fall 2018 for Season 2 of Heavy Lift
  • GERMANY, ITALY, USA Spring 2018 for Race to the Red Planet
  • HAMBURG, GERMANY / GDYNIA, POLAND - Sept-October 2017 for filming of "Finding the Graf Zeppelin" about the Baltic Sea discovery of Hitler's lost aircraft carrier.
  • NEW YORK CITY - March 2017 for a documentary about an amazing discovery beneath the World Trade Center.
  • NORWAY - February 2017 for interviews and shoot about the epic salvage of Roald Amundsen's great polar exploration ship the Maud.
  • ODESSA, UKRAINE  - October 2016  Interviews and locations for our groundbreaking investigative series "Lethal Cargo" about trafficking in the Mediterranean.  
  • FRANCE - GREECE - SICILY  May-June 2016  Interviews and locations for Relic Wine Hunters, our new series about native wine varieties on the verge of extinction! 
  • LANZEROTE  (CANARY ISLANDS) June 2016  Interviews and locations for "In the Shadow of Volcanoes" docu series.
  • NAPLES - VESUVIUS - March 2016  Interviews and locations for upcoming "In the Shadow of Volcanoes" documentary series.
  • ETNA - February 2016 Interviews and locations for upcoming "In the Shadow of Volcanoes" documentary series.
  • BARI - BRINDISI - NAPLES  October 2015:  Interviews and location shoots for "Norman Atlantic" ship salvage and Lethal Cargo: Toxic Waste.
  • SICILY - GREECE - HUNGARY September 2015: Interviews of refugees, volunteers and authorities in the countries on the front lines of the migrant crisis. 
  • TURKEY - VENICEJuly 2015: Filming Gallipoli battle sites and key Venice historical locations.
  • SICILY  May 2015: Migrant interviews across Sicily and Lampedusa
  • CANNES, FRANCE  April 13-16. Millstream Films presents a new slate of history and current affairs documentaries at MIPCOM 2015
  • ISTANBUL - VENICE  May 2015 
  • ROME January / March 2015 In and around the Colosseum!
  • UK / SCOTLAND Sept 2014: On the Viking trail in Oxford, York, Shetland, Orkney and Glasgow
  • RUSSIA Sept 26-Oct 4, 2014: Filming Viking trade routes  and archeological sites in St. Petersburg, Novgorod, Lake Ladoga and along the great Volkhov, Svir and Pasha Rivers.
  • CANNES, FRANCE October 12, 2014:  Launch of Millstream Films at MIPCOM 2014.