Our documentaries have aired on Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC3, Discovery Channel, AETN Crime and Investigation Channel,  History Channel, La7,  ARD, Deutsche Welle, Spiegel TV, Viasat and on other global brands,  Our content is distributed by Autentic Distribution in Germany, Europe and Asia, Espresso Media International in North America and the UK.  For sales inquires contact millstreamfilms@gmail.com. 

 Bella Ciao, Song of Rebellion (90 Min 2021) International sub-titled version screener on request *awardwinning
 Warehouse 12: The Story of the Beirut Blast (90 Min 2021) Screener on request *awardwinning
 The Monsters of Florence (100 Min 2019)  
 The Wreck Hunter (90 Min 2023) Screener on request. Italian only.

​ The Death of Venice  (90 or 50 MIn 2019)  
 The Amanda Knox Saga  (60 min 2014) 
 Lethal Cargo (4 x 45 2016) Eps: Migrants, Arms, Drugs, Toxic Waste
 Red Zone: Italy's Fragile Spine  (1 x 52 about Italian earthquake in 2016) 
 Costa Concordia "Part 1: Dreamship Nightmare"  (2x45 2013)   
 Costa Concordia "Part 2: Rescue and Salvage"    
 Costa Concordia  (52 min 2013)  


 What Went Wrong: Countdown to Catastrophe (24 x 52 Episode series 2019-2024)  Link to Website

 SEASON I  (2019)
  Grenfell Tower Fire
  Eschede Rail Disaster  
  Morandi Bridge Collapse  
  Concorde Air Disaster  
  MH370 Missing Plane   
  Challenger Shuttle Disaster 


 SEASON III (2022)
 Santiago Rail Disaster
 Ethiopian Air Flight 302
 Ever Given Suez Blockage
 Mottarone Cable Car Disaster
 King's Cross Underground Fire
 Piper Alpha Oil Platform Fire 


 SEASON II (2020)
 Ramstein Air Disaster 
 Mont Blanc Tunnel Fire
 Love Parade
 Viareggio Rail Disaster
 Beirut Blast   

  SEASON IV (2024)
  Greek Train Disaster
  Marmolada Glacier Collapse
  Moby Prince Ferry Tragedy
  Nordstream Pipeline Sabotage
  Estonia Ferry Crash
  Germanwings Flight 9525


  Black Eagles (6 x 52 Episode Series about Nazi and Fascist Airplanes in WWII)
 Messerschmitt BF 109
 Messerschmitt 163
 Messerschmitt 262
 The Heinkel 162
 The Focke-Wulf 190 
 Fiat G-55

 Great Underground War (6x45 Episode Series about Tunnel Warfare in WWI1) 2014
The mines of Ypres  
 Somme Surprise  
 Hill of Death 
 Monte Paterno  
 Col di Lana  

 Poet's Air Raid  (52 min 2018 story of daring WW1 pilot, national hero and bon vivant Gabriele D'Annunzio)  
 The Battle of Gallipoli (52 Min, 2018)   

 Race to the Red Planet (3 x 45 Ep series on Mars exploration 2018)
 The Voyage 
 The Human Factor  
 The Red Planet  

  The Salvage Masters Series 1-3,  16 Episodes (45 minutes, 2014, 2015, 2016)
  Costa Concordia  
  Raising the Kursk  
  SOS Syracuse  
  Ariana and her sisters  
  La Belle 
  Cabo de Hornos  
  Wild Coast   
  Splash down  
  Rig on the rocks  
 Norman Atlantic   
 Greek Tragedy  

 El Faro  
 Boat of Doom  
 IV Saint Gregory Grounded in Greece 
  Finding the Graf Zeppelin  
 Raising Maud  
 World Trade center ship  

 Wreck Hunter  (6 x 45 series 2023  on underwater wrecks explored by Italy's deepest diver)
 P-47 The Kid From Wisconsin
  U-455 The Unlucky U-Boat
  2000 Years Under the Sea
  SS William Gerhard: The Lost Liberty Ship 
  Umaria: The Steamship and the Submarine

  Oreste Villari

  Heavy Lift (9 x 45 Episode Series 2015-2018 on moving the world's heaviest objects)
  Moving the Mose 
  Antonov 225 Myra  
  Ariane V Rocket 
  Moving Chernobyl Arch 
  Ships that carry ships 
  The Mighty Sea Crane
  The Walls of Venice 
  Gulfaks to Hebron


 Pelagos: Mediterranean Whale Sanctuary (1 x 52 2023 about the largest marine mammal sanctuary in the Med)
 Liguria: An English Fairytale (2023)

 VIKINGS (5 Episode Series 2014)
 Viking Dawn   
 Viking Weapons  
 Raiders and Explorers  
 Viking Kingdoms  
Eastern Promise  

 The Great Conclave "Part 1: A New Pope" (90 MIn 2013)   
 The Great Conclave " Part 2: A Pope from Afar)   

 In the Shadow of Volcanoes (5 x 45 Episodes 2016) 
 Nisyros, Volcanic Paradise  
  Lanzarote, Land of a hundred Volcanoes  
 Etna, Land of Lava  
 Phlegrean Fields and the hidden volcanoes  
 Vesuvius, evacuation plan  
  House of the Vodka Bears   (1 x 52 about a dancing bear recovery center in Ukraine)  

  Relic Wine Hunters (3 x 45 2016 about the hunt for rare wine varieties in the Med)
  Italy: Secrets of Sicily  
  Greece: Secrets of the Aegean 
  France: Land of the Cathars