Fr. Maurizio Patricello, front line priest campaigning against illegal disposal of toxic waste by the camorra. These are outtakes and clips from the series Lethal Cargo about illegal trafficking in the Mediterranean, episode "Toxic Waste.

Maurizio Patricello, prete in prima linea contro la camorra e lo smaltimento abusivo dei rifiuti tossici. (Italian, no subtitles)

Hard Questions, Honest Answers: A selection of clips from interviews conducted by the producers of Millstream Films.  In Munich with forensic psychologist Norbert Nedopil, who treated German serial killer Volker Eckert;  inside a maximum security prison in Wroclaw, Poland, with convicted killer Kristian Bala; in Rome interviewing Pino "The Frog" Pelosi, the man convicted for the murder of Italian filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini; at Tai Lam prison for case of American Nancy Kissel, convicted of murdering her husband in Hong Kong; in Perugia interviewing the prosecutor in the Amanda Knox case; in Emilia Romagna during the dramatic earthquakes of 2012, on the island of Giglio for the Costa Concordia shipwreck, plus exceptional interviews from Buenos Aires and Rome on the remarkable papal election of Pope Francis in 2013 (in collaboration with Nacne Films).

Pietro Bartolo, the coroner and hospital director on Lampedusa and the central character in Gianfranco Rosi's award winning film "Fire at Sea" (Fuocoammare). Here he is interviewed inside the Lampedusa hospital for the migrants episode of our hard-hitting documentary series "Lethal Cargo" about trafficking in the Mediterranean.

 (Italian, no subtitles)

Il Candidato  is a the story of an Italian novelist who posed for months online as US Republican presidential candidate Alex Anderson, campaigning with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden as his running mate. Thousands of Americans were fooled. Andrea Vogt and Millstream Films revealed his real identity on BBC News. Now his cover is blown. 

Horacio Verbitsky  

Horacio Verbitsky is an outspoken critic of Pope Francis I. In this unique interview filmed in Buenos Aires just hours after the surprising papal election announcement, Verbitsky describes Jorge Bergoglio's alleged involvement in the kidnap and torture  of fellow Jesuits Orlando Yorio and Franz Jalics during Argentina's "Dirty War."  Interviewed for "the Great Conclave" 2013. (Spanish, no subtitles)

Ibrahim Djame, interviewed in a reception centre in Sicily, tells the harrowing story of his arrival in southern Libya after days in the desert, and successive multiple imprisonments at the hands of Libyan gangsters. After a prison a breakout and narrowly escaping a shoot-out that left his friend dead, Ibrahim was pushed out onto a rubber dinghy in the dead of night. He is now searching for work in Italy. Excerpts from the migrant episode of our documentary series "Lethal Cargo" about trafficking in the Mediterranean. 

The Great Alpine War documentary short series features 6 episodes about WWI set in the Italian alps. To see all six, please visit our Millstream Films youtube channel


In addition to full-length 52-minute documentaries for television, Millstream Films also produces documentary web shorts and reportage gleaned from our own in-depth interviews and investigative film projects. We'll be posting lots of our best clips soon!  For questions or permissions, contact